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Program : Program #SIGNON 2020
University : UPM
Date : 16 Jan 2020
Venue : DK4, UPM

Program #SIGNON 2020 is a programme organized by AMSA UOM to give an opportunity to let the students know more about the sign language in the Malaysia. The purpose of the programme is to give the students in UPM to know more about the sign language in Malaysia without any limitation to certain races or ethnicity. In this 2 hours programme, the speakers or the trainers were invited to teach the sign language in Malaysia. The students are encouraged to take part in it. In conclusion, perhaps the participants involved can increase their knowledge this categories of sign language and know more information about it.

Program : Old Folks Home Visit
University : PU
Date : 15 Feb 2020
Venue : Noble Care Home, Ampang

The Old Folks Home Visit was an initiative organized by the AMSA Perdana University members. This event was headed by both the academic officers, Yuwita Prasad and Geetah Rajandrin. It was carried out at The Noble Care Home located in Ampang on the 15th of February 2020 at 3.00 pm. This visit was mainly held to raise awareness among the community and ourselves on the importance of family values. An old folks home visit is one of the most important community services as most people or rather parents are left there these days. This would be a wonderful opportunity to educate the upcoming generation on the need of giving back to community. The students of AMSA Perdana University have decided to organize these home visits on a frequent basis if we are given the privilege of time slots and approval.

Program : Walk Away From Diabetes
University : UMS
Date : 28 Feb 2020
Venue : SMK St John Tuaran

“Walk Away From Diabetes”

This program is a one-day program to raise awareness about diabetes for SM St. John Tuaran is between the ages of 13-14. The program includes activities such as health talks, quizzes, and interesting activities focused on diabetes that are now prevalent in Malaysia. One of the goals of the program is to increase the knowledge of St. High School students John on diabetes, and preventive measures.

It was a one-day program with SM St. John Tuaran as our invited school. On the day of event, the secondary students had short ice-breaking session with the committee followed by pretest before the talk was commenced. The program was initiated with talk entitled “What is Diabetes?” which ended with Q&A. Then, it was continued with 2nd and also the last talk entitled “Prevention of Diabetes & Healthy Lifestyle” and ended with post-test to test students’ understanding about this selected topic. The students had a break before we they continued with 5 game stations of which they have to go through entitled 1) Fan Away, 2) Can Express, 3) Flip the Cups, 4) Charades and 5) Rapid Spaghetti. The program was finally ended with prize giving presentation and token of appreciation to the school.

University : UTAR
Date : 22 FEB 2020

On the 22nd February 2020, our society MHSS had successfully collaborated with AMSA Malaysia in organising SIGN ON 2.0.

Sign On is a programme aimed to promote sign languages to the public which will be helpful when communicating with one who have hearing or speaking disabilities. Sign on 2.0 was held from 9am till 12pm at UTAR Multipurpose Hall (MPH) and around 70 people had joined us that day.

Our event started when the speaker from Sign On went up on stage and said nothing but moved his hands to say hello and good morning to all of us. The event initially started in silence for a few minutes but became quite cheerful and funny once the participants started to understand the hand gestures. Through this interesting event, the participants were able to learn basic signs to communicate with each other such as greetings, self-introduction, alphabets and numbers. They were also able to understand the story of the speaker through sign language only which was a great achievement.

Eventhough it was just been 2 hours of learning, most of them were excellent when they were introducing themselves in front of others. They talked about their names, family members and even their hometown. The session ended with few of the participants introducing themselves on the stage using sign language and received great applause from the floor. Lastly, the committees of Sign On 2.0 would like to take this opportunity to thank those who had given full support to us and we managed to donate RM 219 to the Persatuan Kanak-Kanak Istimewa Hulu Langat (PKKI).

Program : Feed The Need
University : PU
Date : 13 April – 2 May
“Fundraising Activity” ‘FEED THE NEED’ is an idea initiated by the AMSA Perdana University students and was executed by working hand in hand with AMSA Malaysia, a non-governmental organization. This initiative was conducted in collaboration with two not profitable organizations’ namely ‘The Lost Food Project’ and ‘Kechara Soup Kitchen’.   The fundraising activity was headed by Shuwaathi A/P Thamil Manni, the president of AMSA Perdana University and was assisted by her fellow teammates. This activity was carried out with the sole purpose of raising a targeted amount of RM5000.00. The collected fund was spilt equally among both the organizations that AMSA Malaysia was working with. The fundraising activity started on the 13thof April and was held over a span of three weeks to raise fund to provide the indigent people with enough food especially during an extremely challenging period.   This pandemic, Covid-19 has left many bread winners to lose their jobs due to the movement control order. Thus, this initiative would be of a good opportunity for us to give back to the society by raising fund to ensure everyone can fill their stomachs and to certainly not lose hope during a tough time of such.
Program : UTAR MHSS AMSA Health Day
University : UTAR
Date : 15 Feb 2020
Venue : Pusat Rekreasi JKKK Batu 11 Cheras
“Inclusivity in Healthcare” UTAR MHSS AMSA Health Day is an annual event organized by UTAR MHSS in collaboration with Asian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) Malaysia. This event, with the theme ‘Inclusivity in Healthcare – What about us?’, aims to promote the need for quality healthcare and treatment for all walks of life by treating them all fairly and equally.   Various activities were held such as medical check-up stations which measured the body weight and height, blood pressure, blood glucose, blood cholesterol, bio-electrical impedance analysis, reflex examination, vision testing, glaucoma screening and dental health. Acupuncture, Tui-Na and physiotherapy treatment also available for those who is needed. Dietetics and medical consultations were also provided after completed medical check-up. Mr Chin Khuan Loan from International Medical University and Ms Ng Hui Ru from One Allianz Consortium Sdn Bhd were giving out dietary recommendation to the participants while Mr Chin Kim Lin and Ms Hew Nyuk Ping from All Day Pharmacy were giving out medical advice to the participants on that day.   National Blood Centre was invited for blood donation campaign and over 50 participants were taken part and 39 bags of blood was collected. Colouring and drawing contests were held for young children as well. Throughout this event, the committees and helpers had learned to encounter setbacks and hurdles with strong determination and dedication. More importantly, they had learned the significance of partnership and cooperation, which is why the bonds between them were strengthened. All the objectives were accomplished with everyone’s hard work and effort. We also like to express our gratitude towards Public Bank, iDental Care, All Day Pharmacy, Putra Specialist Hospital Kajang, MOMA Water, Pusat Darah Negara and National Cancer Council Malaysia (MAKNA), Precise Rehab and Trimedic Healthcare Centre as our collaborators and sponsors for the event. As a result, the UTAR MHSS AMSA Health Day 2019/2020 was drawn to a successful close.
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