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Vision & Mission

Building Bridges, Sharing Dreams


Vision of AMSA Malaysia

The AMSA Vision is Knowledge, Action and Friendship. Three areas we continuously strive to further in our members and peers through our organisational missions:

  • Knowledge: We promote scientific and medical activities to increase and expand our knowledge whilst training to become the medical professionals of the future
  • Action: As medical students, we are concerned for the community around us and endeavour to do things for the benefit and improvement of our fellow citizens
  • Friendship: As future doctors, we aim to build and maintain a good relationship among our colleagues of the Asia-Pacific and beyond


Missions of AMSA Malaysia

  • To facilitate interaction and friendly relations among the various medical students’ societies in Malaysia based on the principle of mutual respect.
  • To achieve co-operation and understanding in medical and health problems as well as to share experiences in solving them.
  • To promote the interest and welfare of medical students in Asia, for universal kinship without distinction as to race, sex, language, religion and political affiliation.
  • To foster unity and promote profound inter-personal relationships amongst its members.
  • To uphold humanitarian ideals and medical ethics.
  • To provide an outlet for social, cultural and academic activities and encourage cooperation amongst Asian and Oceania of future doctors.
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