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Building Bridges, Sharing Dreams

Asian Medical Students’ Conference (AMSC)

The Asian Medical Students’ Conference (AMSC) is an annual conference of the Asian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA International) that involves the participation of hundreds of medical students from as many as 26 countries around the Asia-Pacific region.

The objective of AMSC lies in creating a platform for a strong, global network of medical students, who as future medical practitioners, will explore and develop their academic knowledge, cultural appreciation and interpersonal skills.

It comprises of three main aspects: academic, cultural and social programs. This event allows medical students from AMSA chapters to congregate, discuss and present their projects and research which were conducted based on the theme agreed upon for the conference that year. In addition, delegates can experience different traditions and customs through the cultural events organised throughout course of the conference, and gives students an opportunity to network and build lifelong friendships with future doctors across Asia, regardless of nationality, ethnicity or race.

Proudly, AMSA Malaysia is the host of Asian Medical Students’ Conference (AMSC) 1983, 1987, 1992, 1998, 2005, 2013 and 2018.


East Asian Medical Students’ Conference (EAMSC)

The East Asian Medical Students’ Conference (EAMSC), is an annual conference hosted by various cities around East Asia. At it’s inception, it aims to inspire delegates to become active in the amelioration of global healthcare problems through networking with other medical students from the East Asian region. More recently, it has expanded to involve delegates from all AMSA-International chapters allowing the exchange of ideas, knowledge and cultural understanding.

The EAMSC continues to inspire medical students to analyse global health issues more closely and to utilise the role of medical students in the promotion of public health. It challenges students to think beyond what is learnt at university through various academic and cultural activities which explore a nominated conference theme.

It is our honour to organise EAMSC twice in year 2009 and 2010 respectively.


Malaysian Medical Students’ Conference (MMSC)

The Malaysian Medical Students’ Conference (MMSC) is a national conference that gathers all the Malaysian medical students from different medical schools locally and overseas to discuss the current health and medical issues in Malaysia. This programme is able to instill the critical thinking skills for a life-long education. It aims to train the medical students to be competitive, capable and innovative at the national and international level. Apart from that, the participants will be introduced to the health-related knowledge in Malaysia and be given the opportunity to share and exchange the thoughts in order to reach for a better solution on the issues discussed. It improves the communication skills among medical students to produce skilled and experienced graduates.

Besides activities which are academic and researched based, the program does include activities which highlight on the social and culture aspects. This will further strengthen the friendship among the medical students and subsequently promote cooperation and enhance communication skills among doctors-to-be from nationwide.

It was first organised at Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Medical Centre (UKMMC) in year 2016.


Malaysia World Health Assembly Simulation (MyWHA)

The Malaysia World Health Assembly Simulation (MyWHA) is a basic simulation of conferences of the World Health Organization and its regional meetings. MyWHA aims at emulating such framework by gathering international health issues; discussing as well as analyzing them. Besides, MyWHA will aim at trying to brainstorm for key and innovative solutions to such existing dilemmas. Such pertinent issues in the healthcare industry will most definitely aid each and every delegate; leading them to be more open minded and aware of such headlines (issues) that the industry faces.

Besides, MyWHA is an excellent opportunity to build bridges and gather as many peers or colleague’s as possible. The idea of having many can help strengthen bonds, promote intellectual discussion, attentive care towards other opinions from other delegates and most importantly, rationalize and appreciate the others view on the matter. From presentation skills to an individuality unlike the rest, the forum which MyWHA is creating is nonetheless enormous; allowing all to speak their minds, share their very opinion and most pertinently of all, be heard!

The first MyWHA was organised at International Medical University in year 2017.


Research Methodology Workshop (RMW)

Research Methodology Workshop (RMW) is a workshop organized by AMSA Malaysia as an opportunity for the medical students to learn the techniques to do a proper research. RMW is a one-day event which comprised of lecture, forum, and workshop. Even though it is only a one-day event, there are many slots prepared for the students in order for them to get the maximum knowledge from the workshop. With the theme “Discovering The Root Of Research”, students were exposed on how to choose a good topic for research, literature review, critical appraisal, conducting research in clinical and laboratory setting, scientific presentation skills, and to use SPSS ( Statistical Package for The Social Sciences) for data analysis. Most of the topics were carried out in lecture form and Q&A at the end of the lecture. In short, RMW provides a platform for the medical students to improve their research skills and an additional soft skill which is important for their future career.

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