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Pre-EAMSC Health Program with Secondary School Students

Building Bridges, Sharing Dreams

Pre-EAMSC Health Program with Secondary School Students

The juniors of AMSA Malaysia, National University of Malaysia have organized a health campaign in-line with the upcoming EAMSC conference in Bangkok , Thailand , themed “Adolescent Health”. It was aimed at instilling awareness on health as well as social responsibility as a adolescent. Hence , we invited 80 Form 2 and Form 4 students from a secondary school in Kuala Lumpur , SMK Puteri Titiwangsa . It is a girls school with Malay and Chinese students making up the majority of the students . We focused on 4 main themes , namely

  • Night Clubbing
  • Reckless Driving
  • Teenage Pregnancy
  • and Drug Abuse.

The program was a half day program run on a Saturday morning .

Our committee were selected from the second year medical students from National University of Malaysia while the group moderators were from the first years . A total of 26 committee members worked hard for the program which was carried out on the 2nd of October 2010. The whole program ran smoothly in TIBE hall at our campus , supervised by AMSA Malaysia Officers.

The group facilitators ready to invite the participants

The morning kicked started off by the arrival of the students from the school in which we ferried them here by our UKM buses. They arrived at around 8am for the registration and being divided immediately into their respective groups. As they took their respective places , the director of the program , Tan Yik Ping presented his welcoming speech to the crowd of around 100 people. Shortly after, Mr Suhail, a renowned speaker from the International Youth Centre . He is the program assistant responsible in carrying out programs as far as the youth are concerned. The charismatic speaker won the hearts of the crowd which cheered and laughed as he delivered his message. His speech was ended with tumultuous applause from the floor before leaving for UPM for his next session there.

A talk on “Gaya Hidup Sihat Remaja” by Mr. Suhail


Practical sessions are always the best way of understanding the topic , and that led us to the sketch session by respective groups. Each group , 8 in total , were presented with a trigger of a situation in relation to the 4 main themes . They were given half an hour to show us the consequences and the preventive measures of those dangerous behaviours.

Group discussion

Lunch session was carried out in conjunction with the exhibition and scenario-role-play. The 8 groups were merged into 3 groups while taking turns to have lunch. At the exhibition session , we had committee members and group moderators to explain the posters and answer their doubts . The multimedia unit was responsible for the whole exhibition and they turned on a fiery performance which left many of the students satisfied and willing to spend more time there. Elsewhere , we set up a clubbing scenario-role-play in instilling awareness on this issue that is a social stigma here. They were then taught how to avoid indulging into these sort activities and their responsibilities as the younger generation , ready to take the helm of the country in future.

Motivation session


The program ended at 2 pm with the closing ceremony and the feedback session by the participants. Their teacher advisor , Madam Ng , gave her full credits to us for the display and efforts but also had her own critics which we will bear in mind to avoid recurrence in future.

Report prepared by,

Tan Yik Ping

Director of the program

AMSA Malaysia

National University of Malaysia

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