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AMSA & Charity 2010/2011

Building Bridges, Sharing Dreams

AMSA & Charity 2010/2011



Date:         18th December 2010
Venue:    Kirtarsh Handicapped and Disabled
Children’s Home (Reg. No.: B045/2009)

37 members of the Asian Medical Student Association (AMSA) went to the Kirtarsh Handicapped and Disabled Children’s Hone for a visit. The home is situated at Rawang, Selangor. It took around 45 minutes to get there by bus. Everybody was excited and hope that this visit will be a memorable one.

Time was around 8am when we arrived, the home was located in a nice and peaceful housing area. It didn’t take us much time to look for the home as some of the members had already been there before. Upon our arrival, we were greeted by one of the staff there but unluckily, most of the resident of the home went for a medical check-up at a clinical booth nearby. Since there is not much that we can do there, we decided to help them fetch the residents back home. We were amazed when a young boy at the age of 5 could lead us the way to the clinical booth nearby.

The journey to the clinical booth took us around 5 minutes. The clinical booth was set up by the local member of the parliament, YB. P. Kamalnathan outside his office. They were providing free basic medical check-up to the people to raise the awareness of the people on their own health. We met up with the staffs and residents of Kirtarsh Home there and tried our best to help them out.

The time was around 11am when we arrived at the home. We continued with our first activity which was a simple opening ceremony. Mr. Manivannan, chairman of Kirtarsh Home gave his opening speech. He told us the history of Kirtarsh Home and their purpose of setting up the home. Furthermore, he was glad that we came and hope that we can bring some joy to the home.

After the opening ceremony, we continued with our first activity, the ice-breaking session. The activity was rubber band and straw game. The purpose of the game is to let the members of AMSA to get together with the residents of the home. The residents are quite pleased with our present and are not ashamed to get along and play with us. Even it was just the first game, we could hear laughter and the atmosphere was great.

To entertain the residents there, our members prepared a short sketch titled “The Ugly Duckling”. It was just the ordinary fairytales, but to make thing interesting, there was a face painting session for the actors and actresses in the story. The children there have so much fun “painting” the actors’ face, and the actors were too “enjoying” their face being painted. The sketch was performed for around 30 minutes and the audiences love it!

After having much fun, it was time for lunch. We had prepared some great food for them and not to forget the KFC we brought there. The children were delighted as they saw the buckets of fried chicken brought into the home. The residents enjoyed the food that we brought and some of them wanted more. Due to the overwhelming requests from the residents of the home, some of our members did not manage to have lunch and settle for bread instead.
After the yummy lunch, it was again time for games! We prepared five stations with five different games namely the “balloon game”, “broken telephone”, “clothes wearing”, “newspaper game” and “cats get your corner”. The residents were divided into five groups with some members joining them. The group was recognized by a colourful sticker on each of them.

The “balloon game” is just a simple game of throwing balloon into a bucket. The “broken telephone” is a game of passing a clue from the first person in the group to the last person in the group and the last person is required to choose the picture of the clue. “Clothes wearing” is a game of dressing up a model with gloves, laboratory coat, cap and mask. The “newspaper game” is a game that required everybody in a group to stand on a single newspaper which will get smaller each round. Lastly, “cats get your corner” is a ball game where a “cat” stands in the middle and catches the “mice” surrounding it using a ball.

After a long day of activity, we had prepared to do something as a souvenier for us and for them. We prepared a large cloth and water colour for hand printing on the cloth. Everyone from the members of AMSA to the residents of the home have a chance to leave a hand print on it as a memory of this activity.

Our last activity was the closing ceremony. Mrs. Judith, wife of Mr. Manivannan gave a short speech. In her speech, she was happy to see everything went smoothly and everybody was happy. In fact, she is looking forward for our next visit. The ceremony continues by presenting an eco-bag for Mr. Manivannan by our representative, Mr. Wong Kin Chun.

We took our group photo and headed back to Kolej Tun Syed Nasir (KTSN). The visit was an enjoyable one. Although most of us was exhausted from it, but the memories and experience acquired was far more valuable and worthy.



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AMSA & Charity 2010/2011

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