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Pre-EAMSC2012 Public Poster Competition

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Pre-EAMSC2012 Public Poster Competition





Infectious diseases- emerging threats in the region and the implementation of preventive measures and policies to control the spread of these infectious diseases


Purpose of this competition:

To select the best public poster to represent AMSA Malaysia in the Health Campaign Competition (Public Poster), EAMSC2012


Target: Public population



  1. Raise awareness of potentially threatening infectious diseases and preventive measures that have been or should be put in place to control its spread
  2. Recognize the individual’s role in preventing the transmission of these diseases.
  3. Allow participants to assume the role of a public health officer involved in overseeing of the management of an infectious disease problem.



  1. Will consist mainly of graphics and design
  2. A slogan or catchphrase must be included
  3. Increase the public’s awareness of infectious diseases
  4. Maximum participant for each submission is 2 persons and no limitation per university
  5. Each participant can only submit one entry for this competition.


Poster format:

  1. File: poster (in .png)
  2. Slogan word limit: 25 words
  3. Size: 42.0cm x 59.4cm (A2 size)
  4. Orientation: portrait or landscape
  5. Language: English only
  6. An abstract 250 words or less (in .doc or .docx) : function of the poster and slogan in encouraging the use of aforementioned preventive measures



Submissions will be disqualified for any of the following:

  1. Non meeting theme, guidelines and entry requirements (i.e. size)
  2. Plagiarism of any sort
  3. Use of language other than English
  4. Late submission
  5. Suggests politically or racially sensitive topics





Judging criteria:

The public poster will be judged by a panel of professors and doctors

Content style and diction of slogan10
Use of graphics10
Aesthetics professional design10



  • The best public poster will be selected to represent AMSA Malaysia in the Health Campaign Competition (Public Poster), EAMSC2012.
  • Maximum two delegation seats will be reserved for the winning team.
  • All participants of this competition will be provided with certificates.



Submission procedure and deadlines:

All relevant files should be submitted by 10 Sept 2011, 10pm to



  • Decisions made by the organizing committee and judges are final.
  • At least ONE of the participants from the winning team must attend the EAMSC2012 to present the poster.



Please kindly refer to for more information.