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Joint Conference HK: Academic Achievements and Reflections

Building Bridges, Sharing Dreams

Joint Conference HK: Academic Achievements and Reflections

First and foremost, we apologize for the late official announcement on our academic report and some late reflections in JC 2011! It’s been a month since JC-HK 2011 marked its fantabulous end, and we’re happy how it united medical students from different universities, from the big family of AMSA and IFMSA. We’re totally proud to be part of the big-scaled conferences like this.

Kudos to AMSA Hong Kong for making it a fun-filled and informative conference. The conference centered on Traditional and Complementary Medicine, but apart from that, issues like human rights, public health and sexual health were also highlighted through workshops. United Nations representative even made the effort to send speakers and had open scenario-based discussions with all delegates. Those might sound not so relevant to the spirit of the theme, but since it’s a rare opportunity to gather that many medical students, this could be one of the best platforms to raise issues like these.

While we think medical students have little power to be freedom fighters for oppressed female patients in countries where women do not get to make decisions for own health, or we are lack of authority to insist medical treatment for children in impoverished countries, little discussions like these is one of the rare chances to get our thoughts heard. Having awareness implanted since medical student level, it is going to be essential in probing students to serve community, specifically in those rural areas that often lack attention.

Having dealt with the formal input from the conference, we also benefitted from the well-planned academic competitions, namely Scientific Paper, Scientific Poster (Open and Regional Category), Public Poster (Open and Regional Category) and Movie Competitions.

For Scientific Paper, UKM Academic Team collaborated with UMS and IMU. A cross-sectional survey was conducted on prevalence of Kacip Fatimah consumption, benefits and side effects and most importantly women’s knowledge about the herb.

USM was in charge of Scientific Poster (Regional) while UMS participated in Open category. Regional Scientific Poster analysed the benefits of Tualang in Diabetes Mellitus treatment based on pre-existing research, while Open Scientific Poster was based on a primary research about medical students’ perception on Tongkat Ali.

In the video entry for competition, Multimedia and Publicity team highlighted Tongkat Ali’s manufacture process and benefits. Selections of paper team partners and posters for competitions were made based on abstract sent by interested individuals.

AMSA Malaysia was honored to be awarded champions of Scientific Paper, Open Scientific Poster and Public Poster Competitions. We greatly appreciate all individuals and partner universities contributing to the achievements. It is hoped that these achievements will motivate more students from all universities to join our effort, since the East Asian Medical Students’ Conference (EAMSC)-Singapore 2012 is approaching soon, this time with new components in the academic competitions apart from the conventional ones listed above!



Yit Tyse.

Proud to present: The Academic Paper Team


Paper Presentation – the passionate first speaker >_<


Prize Giving! by Adrian Yu


Champion: Malaysia

Thanks for the hardwork people!