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A glance: Joint Conference Hong Kong 2011

Building Bridges, Sharing Dreams

A glance: Joint Conference Hong Kong 2011

On 25th June 2011,55 Malaysia delegates represent 7 medical universities in Malaysia to participated in Joint Conference Hong Kong 2011 with the theme as  ‘Integrative Medicine’. This is the first ever joint conference between Asian Medical Students’ Association (AMSA) and International Federation of Medical Students’ Association (IFMSA). During the first day, some fun ice-breaking games were carried out so that delegates from 25 chapters get to know each other. At the end of the day, there was a welcoming dinner at Chinese restaurant.

On the second day, there is keynote lecture given by Prof Jin Ling Tang with title ‘Traditional Medicine In The Era of Evidence-Based Medicine’.  Delegates were given opportunity to have UNMDG Session together with doctors. We manage to discuss few cases regarding infectious disease, maternal health and infant health problems. The event proceeds with AMSA International booth, IFMSA project presentation and scientific poster presentation. During International booth, Malaysia has proudly presented our unique culture of different races. We demonstrated some games to others, for example Gasing, Congkak and Wau.

On the third and fourth day, standing committee session was carried out. Delegated have been divided into groups to attend different sessions such as Standing Committee on Medical Education, Standing Committee on Public Health, Standing Committee on Research Exchange and Professional Exchange, Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace and Standing Committee on reproductive Health including AIDS. We went The Avenue of Stars, Mong Kok District and The Victoria Peak for sight-seeing part. Community Service crrying the theme ‘Fall prevention in Live Alone Elderly’ was carried out. Delegates visited some old-folks homes. Delegates managed to give advice on households’ dangers prevention to old folks and some heart-sharing session.

The most exciting day, day 5. A keynote lecture with title ‘Development of Integrative Medicine in Hong Kong and Around The World’ was given by Dr Vivian Wong.   Video and paper presentation was carried out. Malaysia has presented a video regarding uses of Tongkat Ali. While for the paper presentation, 5 representatives from Malaysia did an amazing presentation on ‘ Kacip Fatimah’. On day 5, we indulged ourselves with different foods from 25 countries during international food and drink party.

On day 6, delegates were given opportunity to visit Chinese Medical University of Hong Kong. It is an eye-opening experience where we able to see the process of acupuncture, cupping and ways of processing chinese herbs.

During the last day of conference, delegates were given hands-on experience of Hong Kong’s local culture, such as Lion Dancing, cooking Chinese cuisines, replicating Chinese decors from simple materials and practicing calligraphy and Kung Fu. The conference ended with prize-giving and closing ceremony and cultural night. It is proudly to say that AMSA public poster team won the first prize and congratulation to paper team for winning the first prize in paper presentation conference.

Cultural night is the momentous night of fun and cross-cultural sharing. Delegates dressed with cultural costumes and presented unique cultural performances. Thanks to all Malaysian delegates for doing a great job in presenting an awesome performance!

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