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AMSA Committee Day

Building Bridges, Sharing Dreams

AMSA Committee Day

What would happen to a team without teamwork? Definitely the team is hard to achieve their target, mission and vision. AMSA UKM KCKL Programmers had come out with an awesome AMSA Committee Day for the first time ever! This special day was held in order to build team dynamic among the AMSA KCKL committee to prepare them for AMSA Malaysia in the coming year. With the theme of ‘We are all in this together!’, we strived to bring out the message we are not alone in doing our works but its all of us who are in the team should help each other.  This gave the inspiration for us to come out with this program! The event was held on 26/9/2011 in Dewan Sebar Guna, Kolej Tun Syed Nasir, UKM Kuala Lumpur.

The event started directly with a brief welcoming speech by the director of the program and kick off with the ice breaking session. The ice breaking session is named as ‘The Big Ice Breaker’. The participants were asked to stand on chairs in a circle, clueless of what was going on next. As everyone stood on their respective chairs, facilitators explained the rules for the game. To their disbelief and anguish cries, they were to stand on their respective chairs and arrange themselves in alphabetically order from a starting point! So the adventurous and daring started to move from chairs to chairs and ended well without people failing from chairs. As soon they managed to arrange themselves in alphabetically order, they thought it is over.  But soon they were told to arrange themselves in ascending order of their birth dates! Well, that was the time to recall each other’s birth dates! Ice breaking session got to a point when a participant accidentally came down from her chair and everyone was given the penalty to start the arrangement in a whole new starting point. Despite changing the new starting point, participants started to show their teamwork and managed to arrange themselves in a short time! Indeed an ice melting session!

[The Big Ice Breaker] Still smiling? Later you will know!

[The Big Ice Breaker] Yay! Arranged ourselves according to birth dates!

Next, we tested their back strengths and willpower with the game ‘Floating in the airs’. It is actually an activity that each of us would lie on the thigh person next to us! Slowly, the facilitators removed the chairs until all chairs are gone! Now, all of them were floating in the air. What is fun?! Well, you could see the expression on their faces! Everyone showed their support to each other by not letting the person lying on their thigh to fall down. Even though they were somewhat physically tortured but they showed team dynamic within them!  Next was ‘Straighten it out’. The participants had their hands tangled and they were forced to make a smooth circle out of this tangled lump of human bodies. This sweat-inducing game caused everyone to squeeze and move through tiny spaces. It revealed leadership and creativity among the participants in order to get the game solved!

[Floating In The Airs] First chair removed!

[Straightens It Out] Pity Mr Isaac Tan been squeezed in the middle!

After the tiring activities, they were divided into groups in the most creative way. Every participant received a paper with his or her name and an animal name. Then, they were blindfolded and distributed all over the area. When the game started, they had to find the other members who had the same animal name on their paper by producing the sounds of the animal. Hissing, mooing, bleating, barking and meowing sounds filled the hall! With facilitators being the distracters by misleading them and separating them, they found that act of finding their own group members, a even harder ordeal. Nevertheless, unity between them overcame it! The next few games were even more exhausting but fun. It gave time to bring everyone together and let loose. The finale game, “Free Fall” was the most terrifying and intense activity of them all.

[Gotcha Find ‘em All] The mighty African Cobra!

[Terrorist Wins] The survivals!

Participants were to fall back-first from the stage with the group members at down there supporting them. This game took a long time as many of them were scared to jump! Nevertheless, with the supports of their members, each one of them managed to jump.

[Free Fall] Terrified face!

[So You Think You Can Dance 2.0] Nice and sexy pose!

After physically and mentally tortured by the facilitators, the coming up session is a more relaxing activity named ‘Love letters’. Basically, everyone was required to write their comment, strength, weakness and suggestion to every committee. To improve ourselves, we need to know our own weakness. So this session is done in order to know our own unidentified weaknesses and try to improve ourselves from the love letters by the other committees. The whole event ended with snacks and photo session.

[Love Letters] Squeezing the brain to wrote love letters to 27 people!


Hopefully through this event, AMSA KCKL committee can have a better team dynamic! Remember that, ‘We are all in this together!’

Last but not least, the mighty devilish programmers!


Danny Wong Ling Siong

AMSA Committee Day 2011