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AMSA UPM Diabetes Day

Building Bridges, Sharing Dreams

AMSA UPM Diabetes Day

Diabetes Day 2015 which was held on 22nd November 2015 is an idea that originated from the celebration of World Diabetes Day.

World Diabetes Day is an international awareness campaign on diabetes that is conducted
annually on 14th November. This campaign is introduced by International Diabetes
Federation and World Health Organisation (WHO) to increase awareness among people on

The theme of AMSA UPM Diabetes Day 2015 is Choice, Chance, Change. This theme tells
us that a person has the choice to grab a chance to change his/her lifestyle in order to avoid or reduce the percentage of being affected by diabetes. One of the ways is by participating in this programme. Besides, AMSA UPM Diabetes Day 2015 is conducted to increase the awareness among people about healthy living and lifestyle to avoid diabetes.

Story Writing Competition and Exhibition, Health Screening and Diabetes Run were the
main activities of this programme. Story Writing Competition was an essay writing
competition, providing platform for writers to show their talent and enhance their knowledge on diabetes. Apart from that, various health exhibitions and game stations were set up throughout the programme.

Diabetes Run
Diabetes Run was conducted around UPM. Participants were required to run for 6.5 km.
There were 7 categories for this run: Male (13 to 18 years old), Male (19 to 44 years old),
Female (13 to 18 years old), Female (19 to 44 years old), Male and Female (45 years old and above), Buddy and Group Promotion (10 people per group). Approximately, 590 participants took part in this run. They were provided with participants’ T-shirt, goodie bags and bibs. 10% of the profit which was collected through this event will be donated to Malaysian Diabetes Association: Diabetes Malaysia (DM).


Health Screening
Health screening was conducted by clinical medical students while health consultation was conducted by consultant doctors from UPM in Dewan Besar PKSSAS. BMI, blood pressure, waist:hip ratio, lung function test, random blood glucose test, eye test were held. This event receive a good response from the public.

Story Writing Competition and Health Exhibition
Story Writing competition was held from 1st July 2015 to 1st November 2015. 40 participants took part in this competition. There were two categories for this competition: High school students (13 to 17 years old) and Public/University. Participants’ fee was not collected. Health exhibition was conducted on the day of event in Dewan Besar PKSSAS.
Approximately, 700 participants visited the exhibition. Ten booths of game stations were set up to enhance the knowledge of people on diabetes. Posters that were used for health
exhibition were contributed by Malaysian Diabetes Association: Diabetes Malaysia (DM)
whereas Alimentary System model was borrowed from Anatomy Museum of Faculty of
Medicine and Health Sciences UPM.


In summary, the three main activities of AMSA UPM Diabetes Day 2015 were well received by the public. The main objectives of this programme which are to educate and raise awareness among people on diabetes were achieved.