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Free 2 Breathe Run

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Free 2 Breathe Run

Since November is International Lung month, the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS), AMSA board decided to organize a 5km run to instill awareness among students of UMS. The run was held on 28th November 2015. Besides run, we also decided to invite authorities from Queen Elizabeth Hospital to provide blood donation service and medical checkup.

The event started at 7.30am for walk in registration while the participants that have already registered online have to present themselves to the counter for head count. At 8am, VIP Mr Effendy Hadis arrived at DKP13 and the national anthem, Sabah state anthem and UMS anthem were played. After giving speech, Mr Effendy officiated the opening ceremony for Free 2 Breathe Run. At 9am, the participants gathered in front of DKP for the aerobic session. The race started at 9.15am and ended at 10am.

After the run, participants were asked to stay in the hall for smoking talk and the award ceremony. Smoking talk was conducted by Ms Shalini, she is a pharmacist from Luyang Health Clinic. The talk was about the chemical contents in one cigarette smoke, why people smoke, how smoking affect people and the ways to stop smoking. After the talk, there was a small quiz and those who managed to answer the quizzes were given some gifts. Award ceremony followed after the quiz. Only top 10 finisher of the run were awarded. Then the participants were allowed to walk around the hall for medical checkups and also to see some exhibition set up by our own students and also from the other faculty. The event ended at 12pm.