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Survey on Research Involvement of Medical Students

To kick start the newly established research department, we would like to know about the current standings in the research involvement of medical students from our Member Universities. This would give us a better idea of how we at AMSA Malaysia can help lay down the foundation upon which the medical students of AMSA Malaysia can build on. With this data, we hope to organise relevant research-related events, journal clubs and many more within the capabilities of AMSA Malaysia.

The questionnaire seeks responses from Year 1 to Year 5 medical students from all AMSA Malaysia Member Universities (Full and Observer Members). The questionnaire consists of 4 sections: demographic details, attitude towards research, practices in research, and barriers in research. All responses to the questions will be treated confidentially.

Research Methodology Workshop (RMW) 2023

The Research Methodology Workshop 2023 was a collaboration between AMSA Malaysia and AMSA IMU that aimed to guide participants on the mode of writing a literature review paper in a simple manner. The event was held on Zoom (online) over the course of 2 weeks, and consisted of many small group Mentor-Mentee sessions, as well as our Meet the Expert sessions which included experienced speakers sharing their knowledge. The aim of this workshop was to provide participants with a great framework to start writing research, with each component of a literature review paper being highlighting throughout our teaching sessions. This was put into practice during our Mentor-Mentee sessions, where participants were able to write their own paper under the guidance of established researchers. We concluded our session with a teaching session on how to present a research poster, and gave our participants to present the work they had come up with in the 2 week duration. This was included to allow participants to understand the basics of a research conference to and to gain these necessary skills.

Past Workshops

Research Methodology Workshop (RMW) is a workshop organized under the Research Department of AMSA Malaysia as an annual event. It serves as an opportunity for the medical students to learn the techniques to do a proper research. Previously, RMW was held as a one-day event which comprised of lecture, forum, and workshop.

However, RMW 2022, with the theme Back to The Basics; Building the Bones of Research, was organised for a span of four weeks. The activities that included a workshop each week, covering various aspects of research such as the introduction, the methodology, the literature review and the summary of the research. Subsequently, there were various competitions and discussions following each workshop for participants to utilise the knowledge and skills they learn and to enhance the understanding of our participants. In short, RMW provides a platform for the medical students to improve their research skills and an additional soft skill which is important for their future career.