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Joint Conference 2011 Travel Assistance Grant (TAG)‏

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Joint Conference 2011 Travel Assistance Grant (TAG)‏

Hi Dear AMSA friends,

TAG is out for application now. The attachment is the application form for Joint conference 2011 Travel Assistance grant for AMSA members.


Below are some of the terms and regulations related:

1.    TAG priority is given to TIER 3 Countries. Requests from other countries will be taken into account after all TAG distributions are made and based on the status of AMSA finances.

2.    Any number of applicants can apply for TAG from a country but only two applicants will be provided TAG per country. In case of more applicants, the TAG will be left to the discretion of the RC on whom to provide. Executives/RC’s are included in the two applicants.

3.    An applicant can apply for TAG only once. Second applications are only allowed for RC’s.

4.    Application closed on 30th April 2011(1)completed form, with (2)travel plan and (3)motivation letter must be received by midnight.

5.    TAG per candidate will be set at the maximum of 60% of the request or 600USD whichever is lower.

6.    Any other requests for TAG (special circumstances) will be under the discretion of the OC and the SoF.

7.    TAG is non-transferable and will be given only to the successful applicant. In case the applicant fails to attend, the TAG will be cancelled.



*Although the priority is given to 3rd tier country (malaysia is 1st tier country), we can still try for it,especially for students who can’t afford.


Download for further information.


Or kindly refer to AMSA International Website at

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